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Philadelphia’s Suburban Office Challenges Began Before the Pandemic

Philadelphia's Suburban Office Challenges Began Before the Pandemic

Philadelphia’s office market reflects a tale of two cities, showcasing pre-existing challenges and those emerging post-pandemic. For over a decade, the Philadelphia suburbs have struggled with high office availability rates, significantly exceeding historical averages. This surplus of office space has become the norm for suburban areas. Conversely, the abundance of available office space in the… Read more »

Philly Office Market Sees a Slowdown

Philadelphia Office Market Sees Slowdown in Leasing Recovery

After a period of noteworthy leasing recovery since mid-2021, the Philadelphia office market has hit another setback. Business decisions, and subsequently leasing momentum, have given way to inflationary measures and economic uncertainty in recent months. The past two quarters have recorded the lowest leasing levels since the height of the pandemic. After recovering to 80% of pre-pandemic… Read more »

Most Philly workers are still remote as city works toward pandemic recovery

Center City Return to Work

More than two years into the pandemic, thousands of employees continue to work remotely in the suburbs rather than commute into the city, according to a new report by Pew Charitable Trusts. The permanent trend toward remote work is contributing to Philadelphia’s tepid economic rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic and a decline in the total… Read more »

Center City Philadelphia and the Return to Office

Center City Return to Work

As the Covid Pandemic begins to subside, many questions about how we work and from where remain unanswered.  Will total demand for space decline and if so to what degree?  How do employers retain valuable employees, provide the flexibility employees are demanding, while maintaining productivity? As employees return to work, will employers change the way… Read more »